First Announcement


Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, SB RAS
Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, SB RAS
Institute of High Current Electronics, SB RAS

XIII International Conference "Gas-discharge Plasma and Its Application"

Devoted to the 100th Anniversary since the birth of Academician Mikhail Fedorovich Zhukov

September 5-7, 2017, Novosibirsk, Russia

First Announcement


Chairman: Academician of RAS V.M. Fomin
Corresponding member of RAS A.N. Shiplyuk
Academician of RAS S.V. Alekseenko
Academician of RAS N.A. Ratakhin

Program committee
Dr. Prof. O.P. Solonenko, Chairman
Dr. Prof. O.B. Kovalev, Co-chairman
Dr. V.V. Bublik, Scientific secretary

Corr. member of NAS of Belarus V.M. Astashinsky (Minsk)
Dr. Prof. A.S. Anshakov (Novosibirsk)
Dr. Prof. A.V. Bolotov (Almaty)
Dr. Prof. V.S. Cherednichenko (Novosibirsk)
Dr. Prof. A.N. Cherepanov (Novosibirsk)
Dr. Prof. V.Ya. Frolov (St. Petersburg)
Dr. Prof. V.I. Hvesyuk (Moscow)
Dr. M. Hrabovsky (Prague)
Dr. Prof. Yu.D. Korolev (Tomsk)
Academician of RAS A.S. Koroteyev (Moscow)
Dr. Prof. N.N. Koval’ (Tomsk)
Dr. Prof. V.M. Lelevkin (Bishkek)
Dr. Ma Tang Cai (Dalian, P.R. China)
Dr. Prof. V.E. Messerle (Almaty)
Dr. Prof. H. Nishiyama (Sendai, Japan)
Dr. Prof. A.M. Orishich (Novosibirsk)
Dr. H.S. Park (Taejeon, Korea)
Academician of RAS M.R. Predtechensky (Novosibirsk)
Academician of RAS A.K. Rebrov (Novosibirsk)
Dr. Prof. N.A. Rubtsov (Novosibirsk)
Dr. Prof. A.A. Safronov (St. Petersburg)
Dr. K. Takeda (Kawasaki, Japan)
Academician of RAS Yu.V. Tsvetkov (Moscow)
Dr. Prof. B.A. Uryukov (Kiev)
Dr. Prof. G.G. Volokitin (Tomsk)
Academician of NAS KR A.Zh. Zhainakov (Bishkek)



The XIII International conference "Gas-discharge Plasma and Its Application" is devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the outstanding Russian engineer, aerodynamics, the founder of the Soviet school in the field of gas-discharge plasma, research and development of electric-arc plasma torches and their application in space engineering, plasma chemistry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering and other scientific and technical directions.



  • Generators of low-temperature and thermal plasma: power characteristics, near-electrode processes,  service life of the electrodes;
  • Plasma generators and equipment: pulse generators of plasma, generators based on high and low pressure, power supplies;
  • Applications of low-temperature plasma: plasma-thermal, electrophysical, aerodynamic and laser technologies.



The conference will be held in the Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of SB RAS, which has the required rooms and technical facilities for holding plenary and topical sessions. Working languages of a conference are Russian and English.



March 15, 2017 — deadline for submission of one-page theses and electronic registration
April 15, 2017 — notification for authors about acceptance оf works

May 15, 2017 — deadline for submission of abstracts for publication, issued in accordance with the rules
July 31, 2017 — payment of the Conference registration fee via cashless transaction
September 5-7, 2017 — holding of the Conference



The registration fee is 4000 rubles if you pay via cashless transaction till July 31, 2017 and 4500 rubles via cash payment upon arrival. For students and PhD students, the registration fee is 2000 rubles. The detailed description of the payment procedure of the registration fee will be submitted on the conference website. Cashless transaction is preferable.



Please address theses, questions and technical correspondence to the Scientific secretary of the Conference V.V. Bublik at the address:
Khristianovich  Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ITAM SB RAS), Institutskaya St. 4/1, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia


Ph.: (383) 3304268, Fax: (383) 3307268



Everyone is invited for participation in the Conference. Selection of the works will be performed by the Program committee on the basis of theses received. The program of the Conference will include the original presentations reflecting the current state in the specified fields. Persons interested to make a presentation at the Conference should notify till March 15, 2017 by e-mail theses of the presentation no more than one page and undergo electronic registration on the Conference website. Theses are submitted in Russian or English. Requirements to preparation of theses and the sample file will be submitted on the Conference website Besides, the original file with theses in the Word format, we also require PDF file, and also files with illustrations in JPEG format. Theses of all selected presentations will be published in the collection of theses of the Conference.

The possibility of publication of the extended papers in Special Issue is considered, the authors will be notified about it additionally.